Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dear Lamont,

Maybe I'm crazy. I say this only because I'm starting to see things your way, and I know you're crazy- you say so yourself every time you introduce a new workout. But in all honesty, I am really getting a kick out of putting the proper fuel in my body. I've been using a calorie counter online and it also gives graphs of RDA/AI so I can keep track of how I'm doing on Carbs, Fiber, Protein and all of the vitamins and minerals. I just really, really geeked out over the hike in my Vitamin C when I added just 3 extra-large strawberries to my cereal.

You're probably not that impressed, and you may give me wall squats for just being a dummy and not realizing that strawberries are a source of Vitamin C, but whatever... going back to my breakfast. I'm not even going to close my eyes and pretend its Captain Crunch today.


P.S. I added the link because I just think I'm really clever for being able to do so. I CAN BLOG!

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