Saturday, December 26, 2009

Dear Lamont,

Without incriminating myself, I will admit to overeating, it tasted great but felt horrible. I actually found myself cursing the holiday and unable to wait to get back on track with my normal food, which I suppose is a breakthrough for me. I still had no self control whatsoever when it came to Doug's mom's cottage potatoes.

I don't know if that is something I'll ever get rid of though, I overeat. I shove so much down my gullet that it surprises me that it all fits. Its got to be a lot like being an alcoholic. Unfortunately, food as a habit is kind of one of those things that no one really takes that seriously. Its not like family will put out the O'Douls of the food world on Christmas because the foodaholic is there, they'll keep on keepin' on with the sausages and potato salad. In fact, I had to plead with my mother in law to only serve up a single piece of pumpkin pie on my plate- which I would have gladly eaten if it were in front of me. Deep dish pie? Yes, please!

So there you have it. I ate poorly, I won't do it today, and probably not tomorrow either, but for now, that's all I can foresee. Now to eat some fiber and fuck my shit up with crunches, pushups and your eternally evil power jacks!


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