Thursday, December 31, 2009

Dear Lamont,

Someday I'll stop being surprised that its dirty lady time, and I'll stop beating myself up over the cookies and the candy and the salt, oh lord the salt, and I'll be able to eat a normal amount instead of eating like its the end of the junk food supply.

So happy crappy crampy New Year's Eve. First a cold, now this. At least I feel (almost) justified in those dutch cookies I just ate.

So anyway, its New Year's Eve, and I guess its as good a time as any to lay out some good goals for 2010.

  • Stop the crazy eating days (BTW, i just counted up the calories.... I totally only went over by 150 calories! Do I know how to eat cookies within limit or what?)
  • Get into a size 10 (I was 11 years old and in size 12 jeans.)
  • Walk with the kids at least once a week, if not twice.
  • Run weekly
  • Join a CSA
  • Crochet more to be able to pay for YOU to kick my ass.
  • Win a big rig truck in an Arm Wrestling Championship.
  • Stop instinctively feeling my chin to see if its grown every time I order something at Starbucks that isn't "Skinny"
  • Make it to Derby at least once a week, optimally twice.
  • Look great in a leotard with leg warmers, co-star in music video with Olivia Newton John.
  • Stop using words about people that I wouldn't want used about me.
  • Yoga. I know its probably not your thing, Mr. Cardio, but I miss it.
  • Sleep more and better.
  • Skate better and faster.
  • Hit harder.
  • Live well.
I hope you have a Happy New Year, I'll see you Saturday when you can remind me that I shoudl have been doing my homework all this time and I can whine in pitiful pain while sloppily doing a power jump.


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