Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dear Lamont,

I miss you. Its been 3 weeks since I've seen you, and even though I've been working on my own, you know, and I know that I haven't been working that hard.

And I just had an incident with the pretzel sticks and peanut butter. The local authorities have been notified and its now against my parole to come within 100 feet of the pantry.

I was on Central Valley Buzz with Chuck and Joey today and well... lets have ab day soon, okay? Next time I go on there I wanna wear a leotard with a hole cut out for my six pack.

Tralalalala, I'm gonna go dance to the Wiggles with my son and pretend its a challenging workout. Lets never be apart again, okay?

Wiggling in all the wrong places,

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