Monday, December 28, 2009

Dear Lamont,

I looked down this morning and realized something was different. My chin didn't scrape against my neck! Doug even commented yesterday on my long slender neck. At first I thought it was a creepy compliment, like he might have some weird giraffe fetish, and frankly, I'm too broke to buy any more costumes. Then I looked in the mirror and there it was- my NECK! Not my bulky head-holder-upper that I've been used to, but this gorgeous pillar connecting my slightly more defined jaw to my lazily undefined (yet still less chubby) shoulders. I guess this means I need to break out the dumbbells today and pick back up on the work we started before our Christmas break...

Also, I apparently didn't go as overboard as I'd feared, as I have lost another pound this week.

183.6. One more pound will be my first 10 down. I'm 18 lbs away from what my driver license says. I can finally commit myself to a lifestyle of truth telling once I have achieved this.


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